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Are you ready to End the Cycle?

Build your deck, choose your fighter and take on ever evolving enemies in this epic roguelike adventure. With over 4,000 combinations, you can battle against the oncoming Noise or take the fight online. Will you have what it takes to beat your enemies and end the cycle?


  • Inventive Deckbuilding: Create a unique playstyle with thousands of custom attacks!
  • Roguelike Adventure Awaits: Vanquish your foes throughout an increasingly challenging world, choose different cards and even different characters as you try to break the Cycle!
  • More Than Just a Roguelike: Battle it out against waves of enemies to perfect your build, before taking the fun online and testing yourself against other players!
  • Invent, Innovate and Imagine: Create entirely new maps, characters and builds with the easy-to-use Creative Centre.

Crimson Force

Led by the charismatic Cress, Crimson Force is a wild bunch of Punks working day-in day-out on stopping Azure Shield from attaining their goals. Crimson Force accepts anyone into their ranks as long as they’ve got the right attitude. While they may sometimes seem like an uncoordinated bunch of meatheads they work tirelessly to stop Azure Shield from uncovering and reviving the apocalyptic powers that have already destroyed most of Anikka in the past...

Azure Shield

The leading tech-enterprise in the world, Azure Shield's members are all highly competent individuals trained and led by the powerful Del. Azure Shield is convinced that saving Anikka requires drastic and unconventional measures like using Noises in order to destroy an even greater threat… While Crimson Force is convinced that the only way of protecting Anikka is by playing it safe, Del and her agents won’t stop at anything to fulfil their vision of the future.