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This is EndCycle VS the strategic grid-fighting game!

Fight foes in intense, fast-paced situations by combining smart use of the battle field, reflexes, strategy and the right attacks!
Featuring both Singleplayer and Multiplayer action, the game has something for everyone!


  • Control the battlefield during battle and use it to your advantage!
  • Build your very own deck and create a unique playstyle, by combining attacks and customizing them with various effects
  • Fight 1-VS-1, 2-VS-2, and in many other upcoming multiplayer modes such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and more!
  • Experience the many stories of EndCycle's characters through Campaign Mode and perfect your score on the leaderboards!
  • Choose from several characters and customize their outfits!
  • With the included toolbox, you can create unique servers with their own rules, sprites, music and anything else you want to change! Giant battlefield, cannon attacks only? Sure! Tiny battlefield, 1-Hit K.O? Absolutely! Every player is a squirrel and the soundtrack consists of bagpipes? ... If you must.
  • Create GIFs with the provided GIF recorder, that lets you record events after they've happened!
  • With the Discord integration you can see who's currently in-game, looking for a fight, or even view current fight results, on the go!

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