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Are you ready to End the Cycle?
Build your deck, choose your fighter and take on ever evolving enemies in this epic roguelike adventure. With over 4,000 combinations, you can battle against the oncoming Noise or take the fight online. Will you have what it takes to beat your enemies and end the cycle?

In EndCycle VS the world is standing on the brink of war! A rotating city, purple ice-deserts, mysterious worlds built with data… It is a wild world with new challenges every day. Two teenagers find themselves in the middle of the biggest conflict this world has ever faced.

The Crimson Force and the Azure Shield have dedicated their lives to advancing the human race as we know it… but who will win and will they drag the world down with them?


  • Inventive Deckbuilding: Create a unique playstyle with thousands of custom attacks!
  • Roguelike Adventure Awaits: Vanquish your foes throughout an increasingly challenging world, choose different cards and even different characters as you try to break the Cycle!
  • More Than Just a Roguelike: Battle it out against waves of enemies to perfect your build, before taking the fun online and testing yourself against other players!
  • Invent, Innovate and Imagine: Create entirely new maps, characters and builds with the easy-to-use Creative Centre.


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About Us

12B3 Games consists of two core members: Gal Axis and Daniel Dorner!

The duo has been in the industry since 2014, and has released several commercial projects on Android, competed in multiple game jams, and have experience in porting, as well as optimizing, several game-projects to different platforms.

The studio was inspired to create unique game experiences after establishing an online multiplayer community for the Megaman Battle Network games. Their current project EndCycle VS takes inspiration from this beloved franchise while innovating the grid-battle format in many areas such as multiple brand new game modes and expansive custom content creation tools.

Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and the quickly growing community surrounding EndCycle VS they have decided to expand the scope of their studio, and to create more games in the EndCycle series.

Games we worked on:

The Inner World (2014)

Assisted porting the game to Android (Java)

Galactic End (2015)

Roguelite space shmup, self-published on Play Store (Java)

Galactic End: Voyage (2016)

Hypercasual spinoff of Galactic End, self-published on Play Store (Java)

Old Man's Journey (2017)

Optimized game to run on weaker devices, assisted Broken Rules (Unity)

Lighthearted (2017)

Tower defense horror-survival game, submission for 2017 MegaJam (UE4)

Splatscalation (2018)

Splatoon-inspired top-down online shooter, submission for the 2018 Summer UE4jam (UE4)

EndCycle Demo (2018)

Singleplayer open-world card-battling JRPG, published on itch.io (Java)

EndCycle VS (2022)

Highly customizable single- and multiplayer card-battling grid-fighter, currently on Steam and Humble Store (Java)